Why us?

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We went to all the trouble to read and reflect on hundreds of first hand scientific papers to make sure you are learning the truth, not the myths, not the Guru's tips.

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You will be working 90% of the time applying our methods directly to your next presentation / pitch / negotiation… Applying your new skills to your real job challenge starts from your first exercise.

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Our goal is to change your habits. We know how fast you can understand what we teach. We know how hard it is to apply it, and how much repeated practice it takes to make it a habit.

Who we are

Alexandre Destro

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Nonverbal communication in presentation: essentials


Presenting with charisma

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Professional presentations

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Nonverbal communication in sales and negotiation: essentials

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PowerPoint for humans


You are the first to predict the impact of my pitch and to demonstrate it in practice from my behaviour.

There is an abyss between my performance 3 hours ago and what I see now on the screen.

It's the first time I hear anyone connect my own feelings about my presentation, with actual, specific behaviour, and the likely impact on the audience.

I have struggled for 15 years to understand why I have the reputation of being a difficult person. This morning, for the very first time in my life, I see it. It's crystal clear.

Thanks to the two trainers, we get personal advices and we are never left to ourself. In fact, this is personal coaching in group!

I never know where to start my preparation. Your preparation book makes it so easy ! That tool is worthless !

You never stop forcing me to talk about tangible, real things : that's an actual challenge for me.

After my presentation, a colleague told me : "I suddenly felt like working for Apple!"

Who we are