Our communication is not always working properly and we don’t really know why.

Each of us can recall great moments with our colleagues, clients, family or friends, exchanging ideas and memories, feeling alive and connected to each other through spoken communication.

But we have also experienced times when we were feeling that no one was listening to us; when we were feeling like speaking to blank faces; when we blamed ourselves for not finding ‘the right words’; when our presence, our voice simply were meaningless.

Do great communication moments happen by magic?

No. Many scientific psychologists have analysed communication content and behaviours for more than 50 years in the fields of ‘nonverbal communication’, ‘charisma’, ‘persuasion’, ‘social judgment’ and ‘emotional intelligence’... And they discovered that ‘gifted communicators’ display certain specific behaviours and express themselves in some ways that systematically improve the impact of their communication.

We all have learned spoken communication by trial-and-error. To go beyond ‘terminal average level’, there is no other way than re-discovering and practicing the essential principles of this art properly.