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    business developers , product and branch managers , purchase professionals

    Nonverbal communication in sales and negotiation: essentials

    Goals :

    • Detecting and supressing the behaviours that reflect your stress
    • Being more yourself and daring to speak more openly
    • Preparing your pitch or negotiation for a real impact: knowing how to trigger the best part of your communication style to induce positive feelings in the other person
    • Being trusted, per ...
  • Group
    salespeople , business developers , product and branch managers

    The art of pitching

    Goals :

    • Bounding quickly with your audience
    • Getting your audience picture out the product category and benefits for them
    • Raising interest so that your audience definitively want to know more
    • Being perceived as competent, trustworthy and social even if you feel the stress inside
    • Spending less time in preparation ...
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    managers , salespeople , purchase professionals

    Persuasion and negotiations

    Goals :

    • Get faster understanding of the true needs, means and obstacles from the other party
    • Influence the other party towards your goals by using proven techniques when you feel like using them
    • Detecting the persuasion techniques used by the other party
    • Being aware of your own behaviour and its impact on the ...