For who

  • Anyone making presentations with slides on a regular basis
  • Anyone making and circulating slides
  • Anyone making slides for top-management, salespeople,...
  • Anyone giving instructions for someone else to make the slides

When making slides, you wish to:

  • Have the slides make the right impact on the audience: make sure they support the messages with maximal impact
  • Spend less time and energy in making the slides
  • Spend less time in modifying the slides
  • Get positive feedback on slides

Modules of the training

Session 1: Optimizing colour and text according to human specs

  • Exercise ‘Presenting slides’, with camera
  • Short breakthrough presentation on the latest scientific discoveries about vision, attention and memory
  • Review of 3-slide presentation films: discovering what works and what does not work in the slides and in the speaker behaviour
  • Where t
  • start? Defining ideas and mood
  • Guiding the attention: usage of titles, pointers, axis labels and animations
  • Improving your colour scheme for human vision
  • How much text? The truth on bullet points, text lines and font size
  • From text to image: exercise

Session 2: Optimizing tables, charts, and pictures according to human specs

  • Exercise ‘Presenting data slides’, with camera
  • Chart and tables: where is the information?
  • Exercises on chart and table design, usage of cues
  • Pictures: analysing pictures: vision, attention, meaning
  • Animations: moving elements and attention
  • First and last slide


  • Option 1: 2 session of 3h30’ with one trainer
    • Optional re-enforcement session: 1 session of 3h30’ with one trainer
  • Option 2: 2 session of 3h30’ with two trainers
    • Optional re-enforcement session: 1 session of 3h30’ with two trainers

Option 2 gives the real advantage to offer more personalized advises, more support during the exercises, more changes and dynamics in the rhythm of the sessions. Most clients mention the complementarity and interactions of the two trainers as a key asset of the Leadercom method.

On-site, maximum 8 trainees. The support material (workbooks, USB keys with your videos, beamer, camera, sound equipment) and transportation costs in Brussels are included.

Going further

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