For who

Sales people, product and branch managers, business developers, investor relation managers

A key part of your job is to present your company, products and services to prospects, clients, partners or investors. You wish to:

  • Deliver every time a high quality pitch whatever the situation
  • Gain self-confidence and sociability
  • Trigger positive interest from the start
  • Speed up the transition from pitching to negotiating
  • You have just made a pitch that didn’t quite work and have to make it again soon
  • You are exploring a new market or launching a new product
  • You are starting to look for new investors
  • You have decided to participate in a fair and want to maximize your efficiency on the stand

Modules of the training

Session 1: Develop your nonverbal communication

  • Build awareness of your image (face, voice, body posture, gestures) o Understand the social judgments triggered by your non verbal communication
  • Discover your best non verbal style and maintain it under mild stress o Develop your natural authority and sociability in your voice
  • Master your behaviour when presenting slides as to capture maximum attention/li>
  • Entering and leaving the stage, interacting with other speakers and audience

Session 2: Basic pitch and networking pitch

  • The 6 key ingredients of the basic pitch
  • Real-life story as a pitch
  • How to get useful feedback: tools to improve your pitch on your own

Session 3: Sales pitch and investor pitch

  • Social creativity exercise: verbalize the likely reactions of the audience, talk from various points of view, defuse potential oppositions
  • 8 ingredients for a full pitch
  • 6 techniques of social intelligence and persuasion to influence your audience during the pitch

Session 4: Perfect Pitch: end-to-end captivating pitch with storytelling and style

  • Develop your speaking techniques (question form,...)
  • Cue and engage the audience from the start
  • Find, structure and use real-life examples that will be remembered
  • Break the ice and conclude in a way that closely relate to your core message


  • Option 1: 4 sessions of 3h30’ with one trainer
    • Optional re-enforcement session: 1 session of 3h30’ with one trainer
  • Option 2: 4 sessions of 3h30’ with two trainers
    • Optional re-enforcement session: 1 session of 3h30’ with two trainers

Option 2 gives the real advantage to offer more personalized advises, more support during the exercises, more changes and dynamics in the rhythm of the sessions. Most clients mention the complementarity and interactions of the two trainers as a key asset of the Leadercom method.

On-site, maximum 8 trainees. The support material (workbooks, USB keys with your videos, beamer, camera, sound equipment) and transportation costs in Brussels are included.

Going further

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