For who

Sales people, purchase professionals, managers, top managers

You negotiate with clients or providers on a daily basis. You work under time pressure and closing deals faster is key. Knowing quicker the real needs, means and intentions of your counterpart is also essential to meet your objectives.

You are responsible for cross-organization projects. You need to obtain resources or results from people depending on other reporting lines. You want exert gentle pressure to guarantee cooperation with less emails, conflicts and escalations.

Modules of the training

Session 1: Establishing the basis for negotiation: the role of social intelligence

  • Role-play of your last negotiation: when and why it gets painful
  • Translating your opinions into facts and feelings
  • Rephrasing to the other’s needs, facts, requests and needs
  • The art of questioning and rephrasing to speed up defining the true positions of each other

Session 2: Using persuasion techniques (basic)

  • 8 scientifically-proven persuasion techniques
  • Simple role-play practice
  • Inclusion of persuasion techniques in your own negotiation o More practice : checking up the correct usage of persuasion techniques

Session 3: Non verbal communication in negotiation

  • Filmed negotiation role-play
  • Review of your behaviour using scientific tools from experimental psychology
  • Natural expression exercise with camera
  • Become aware of the impact of the stress on your behaviour and negotiation outcome

Session 4: Anchoring negotiation method with more practice

  • Wrap-up exercise
  • Developing and testing a new negotiation from A to Z o Reviewing the performance
  • Improving your voice and pace with questioning techniques to gain authority and trust
  • Conclusions and personal recommendations


  • Option 1: 4 sessions of 3h30’ with one trainer
    • Optional re-enforcement session: 1 session of 3h30’ with one trainer
  • Option 2: 4 sessions of 3h30’ with two trainers
    • Optional re-enforcement session: 1 session of 3h30’ with two trainers

Option 2 gives the real advantage to offer more personalized advises, more support during the exercises, more changes and dynamics in the rhythm of the sessions. Most clients mention the complementarity and interactions of the two trainers as a key asset of the Leadercom method.

On-site, maximum 8 trainees. The support material (workbooks, USB keys with your videos, beamer, camera, sound equipment) and transportation costs in Brussels are included.

Going further

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