For who

Top-managers, managers

As a manager you wish to:

  • Get an objective feedback on your behaviour in one-to-one or team meetings
  • Have a clear, direct picture of the impact of your voice, face and posture on the feelings, reactions and decisions of the other person
  • Get an observable, objective explanation of your reputation, image or link your 360 leadership assessment to specific behaviours
  • Get basic advice on how to improve quickly and efficiently

Modules of the training

Nonverbal communication in one-to-one and team meetings

  • Role-play of one-to-one or team meeting, with camera
  • Short breakthrough presentation on the latest scientific discoveries about charisma, leadership and non verbal communication
  • Review of the role-play: discovering your non verbal style
  • Becoming aware of your image, the social judgements and the impact of the stress on your behaviour
  • Discovering what to change in your preparation as to get positive behaviours and image


  • Option 1: 1 session of 3h30’ with one trainer
    • Optional re-enforcement session: 1 session of 3h30’ with one trainer
  • Option 2: 1 session of 3h30’ with two trainers
    • Optional re-enforcement session: 1 session of 3h30’ with two trainers

Option 2 gives the real advantage to offer more personalized advises, more support during the exercises, more changes and dynamics in the rhythm of the sessions. Most clients mention the complementarity and interactions of the two trainers as a key asset of the Leadercom method.

On-site, maximum 8 trainees. The support material (workbooks, USB keys with your videos, beamer, camera, sound equipment) and transportation costs in Brussels are included.

Going further

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