For whom

Top-managers, managers, Talent

You are in upper or middle management and have experience in leadership, so you wish to:

·       Be aware of the differences in communication between men and women

·       Have the necessary tools to deal with daily frustrations due to communication differences between men and women

·       Have a clear, direct picture of the impact of your hidden feelings on your audience

·       Get an observable, objective explanation of your communication impact


·   Identifying your own defence mechanisms

·   Understanding the impact of your defence mechanisms in the way you are perceived and judged by others

·   Mastering a specific method to prepare your content differently and make your defence mechanisms and their negative impact disappear

·    Be able to cope with mansplaining and other struggles

Modules of the training

Day 1: Non verbal communication and gender differences

  • Role-play of one-to-one or team meeting, with camera
  • Short breakthrough presentation on the latest scientific discoveries about charisma, leadership and non verbal communication and gender differences
  • Review of the role-play: discovering your non verbal style
  • Becoming aware of your image, the social judgements and the impact of the stress on your behaviour
  • Preparing the same content of the presentation using the leadercom method in leadership
  • Review and analyse the change

Day 2: Break the glass ceiling

  • Identifiying the daily frustration women face at work
  • Embracing the gender differences when leading people
  • Persuasion techniques to have a stronger impact on the audience
  • Coping with "Mansplaining"
  • Review and analyse the role plays in class
  • How women can build a network and help one another, discussion and tips


  • ·    2 sessions of 1 day

    ·   Up to 8 trainees

    ·   On-site

    ·   FR, EN, NL

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