Our mission is to ensure that the presentation delivers systematically with the right impact and that the total investment in these events is optimized.

Typically our clients invest time and money in organizing events to raise brand awareness, sales, investments, or internal dynamics such as:

  • Marketing / sales road shows
  • Investor pitch
  • B-to-B sales pitch
  • Quarterly / annual management days (cascaded down and across the organization)

They come to us with four issues:

  1. The same core presentation will be used again and again across types of audiences, regions, cultures, etc. How can they be sure that the presentation produces the right impact? Will the audience really care? Does the audience really understand, memorize and engage with their presentations? Will it trigger the expected behaviours and decisions?
  2. When several speakers from the company present their part of the presentation, how can the consistency in content and style be improved? How much redundancy is necessary between the parts? Do they strengthen the core message or does it get diluted? What is the global impact?
  3. As various speakers are assigned to use (and stick to) the same core presentation across various regions, business units,... how can one be sure that the information is not distorted? Depending on the speakers, the same slides may be used with very different messages, giving no guarantee that the core message reaches all the staff.
  4. Another critical aspect is to control communication costs. Our clients can tell their expenses for travel, venues, and catering; they can tell the number of attendees, quality of venues... Unfortunately, they cannot tell the total costs of these presentations: the time of the people involved, namely top managers, directors and all the support staff helping with drafting and reviewing the many versions of their presentations.