Most companies start to engage with their clients by helping them finding the relevant information when searching about a product or service. They make available free advices (videos) from their experts related to questions the clients face at the very beginning of their quest. The purpose is to raise brand and product awareness and build authority and proximity with the client even before he / she looks for a particular product.

There are many challenges for the companies starting with content marketing videos: their experts such as chief economists (banking), doctors, physicists, chemists (pharma, chemistry), or legal advisors (insurance) are not accustomed to talking to cameras using clear, brief sentences and very few generalizations or abstractions. They never make talks in short formats (3 to 6 minutes). Moreover they want to be perceived as knowledgeable experts and yet they need a common language that will engage a non-expert audience. Even worse, their presentations are rarely designed to answer any direct, simple issues raised by their audience, and therefore, appear to be unhelpful.

Our mission is to be the first audience of your experts and help them translate their content into something meaningful for the needs of their audience. We help them discover what matters for the audience, find examples instead of theories, drive the attention of the audience, show social intelligence... so that the audience understands and memorizes the information, but also perceives the brand as close, knowledgeable, and helpful.