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Those who have worked with Alex do appreciate the precision and speed with which he assesses his clients’ needs and put them on a fast track. Don’t be misled by his Italian charm; he is driven by time and efficiency when it comes to making you progress.

In fact, as a former behavioural therapist, Alex learned that helping people change their habits and develop new skills required a sound preparation. Selecting the right scientific, proven method for every need is the key. Today’s business clients make no difference: he dedicates a lot of time sharpening the tools so that he can adapt freely to his clients’ needs. He also learned how to make the clients progress step-by-step, at their own pace (or, in rescue mode, at the pace the situation forces you to take...) and possibly enjoy the training. But what matters most in his work is getting feedbacks on his clients’ real progress in real life.

After his master in psychology, he developed a talent for talking in public and sharing his passion about experiments in scientific psychology. Indeed, he lectured psychology to students in journalism at a high school of communication renown for its hands-on, down-to-hearth pedagogy for 10 years. With this ability to reach a broad audience on scientific topics, large corporations often invite him to raise awareness about leadership, communication and happiness at work. Should you wish to get his help or invite him for a Lunch&Learn, do not hesitate to contact him at alexandre.destro@leadercom.pro



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In 2007 Alexandre Destro and the professor René Zayan of the Université Catholique de Louvain trained several Belgian politicians, party leaders and vice ministers. They created the brand Leadercom and gave conferences on charisma and the psychology of communication to EU institutions and associations.

The same year, René Zayan wrote and presented a TV documentary film about political charisma : “Coupez le son” (“Charisma in Politics, the Body Language of Politicians”).

Directed by Thierry Berrod, the film has since been screened to over 500 million viewers around the world.

In 2012 Thierry Gieseler, a psychologist with 15 years of experience in business, joins the team. From 2013 onwards, he supports the expansion of the services in training and coaching towards the corporate world.

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